Brother’s Pizza Staten Island One of the Best Pizzerias

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Brother’s Pizza Staten Island One of the Best Pizzerias

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was something of a legend. It was known to have the best Sicilian slice of any pizza place around. And because it was always crowded, it was always fresh hot and delicious.

Everyone I went with had a favorite section. The corner gave you a lot of crust. The middle was a little softer, full of saucy goodness and cheese. I always preferred a side slice.

It has a nice crust to hold while enjoying the yummy cheesey slice. People have been know to wait for the next pie to get the slice they wanted.

Just mention Brothers to a former Staten Island reisdent and you can see in their eye I am right. Brothers is open late, till 1 or 2am, and I am sure this contributes to its popularity.

They are so popular that they have 3, 4 even 5 people working at the counter taking customer orders at any given time, and the line still wraps around the corner. Now Brothers doesn't deliver, and I have a funny story from some years ago. I was working a job with a friend from college, and everyone told this kid how good it was. One day, he took some initiative and drove to bring us back some pizza, since Brother's Pizza doesn't deliver. Well, he didn't realize that everyone was talking about the Sicilian (square). He brought back a regular Neoplitan style pizza. And while it's delicious, it wasn't what everyone had in mind and the kid never heard the end of it. And wrongly so, the regular pizza is outstanding! I drove by the other day and had to stop in for a slice of each, and some Stromboli. And a quick run to Ralph's Italian Ices after really hit the spot.

Brothers Pizzeria gets 7 of 8 slices.


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