Brother’s Pizza Staten Island, NY

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Brother’s Pizza Staten Island, NY

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After many pizza trials in Long Island, we ventured into Staten Island, which has been known to actually have some of the best pizza in the entire state of New York. I know that many will find it odd that Staten Island possesses some of the most well known pizzerias but they do. Brooklyn obviously is more known for having the best pizza, so it was hard driving through it in order to try some new places in Staten Island, but we managed not to stop (at least on the way there).

Our first stop on our Staten Island pizza tour brought us to Brother's Pizza on Port Richmond Ave., which I have heard from some trusted sources is the best Sicilian slice of pizza in Staten Island. I was told that the regular slice is decent, but not really worth stuffing into my mouth, especially if doing several other pizza places that evening. When I saw the regular it looked good so I ordered a plain slice and a Sicilian.

I tried the regular slice first when it came out of the oven and presented to me by a tattooed fellow, who knew how to handle the crowd and also knew how to handle all those ovens behind him. I think they had about six ovens cooking pizza in, so I can only imagine the turnover at this place during the busy hours. Brother's Pizza doesn't deliver so if you want to order, you have to pick up or eat in their dining room which probably holds about 20 and has TV's all around.

The slice was $2.50, thin and was overflowing with some decent cheese. Upon first bite this awesome tasting sweet sauce was revealed. The outer crust wasn't cooked perfectly but the slice was still somewhat crisp and tasted pretty good. This regular slice was average, and if it was made in Florida it would stand out, but for Staten Island, I wasn't overwhelmed. That was at least, until I had the Sicilian slice here at Brother's in Staten Island.

When I bit into the Sicilian slice, it was pure bliss. The bottom crust was crisp and cratered. It was a heavy slice, but airy inside the moist center part of the dough. The crust tasted great on top of it all. The incredible tasting sweet sauce was applied gently on top of the gooey overflowing cheese, which tasted so much better than the regular, even though its probably the same. This is the type of slice of pizza that I would travel miles and I mean miles out of my way to try again. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't as perfect as a Spumoni Gardens slice in Brooklyn, but its hard to compare the two since they are two very different styles.

Combining both the regular and Sicilian slices, I will give Brother's Pizza in Staten Island 6 out of 8 slices.

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