Brother’s Pizza Fresh Meadows, NY Best Pizza

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Brother’s Pizza Fresh Meadows, NY Best Pizza

Posted By: Mad Greek
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With my car overheating in 101 degree weather, trapped under the BQE (that's the Brooklyn Queens Expressway for those unfamiliar with one of the worst roadways in America) one can play the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies in one's head while the car cools down and recite the old sayings over and over... "There's no place like home.".

And so it was today for the Mad Greek. Once home, there's was only one thing left for his madness to do and that was to end the pain and suffering of a day gone bad. To do just that all I needed was a spot at the counter at Brothers Pizzeria. By 3:00 pm, clear of any further NYC traffic and heat wave jihads, I was home again and sitting in front of Joe, arguable the best pizza chef in all of New York.

Unfortunately Pete (the owner of Brothers Pizza) was off relaxing someplace cool today as I hope to catch up with him another time.

Brothers Pizzeria is now going into its 50th year of business in Fresh Meadows. Fresh pizza, fresh ingredients, and fresh customers with a fresh New York attitude, also makes Brothers Pizza a fresh stop for the fresh Alec Baldwin on repeated occasions.

There is something special and complete about excellence and the expectation that is forged by pure consistency.

Blindfolded and dumb struck I could make the distinction of a Brothers slice of pizza over any pizza from any place. Hot, cold, or reheated, Brothers Pizza in Fresh Meadows simply stands out with its marvelous recipe. Like Johnny's Pizza in Mt. Vernon, there are no special pies with pineapple, rabbit tail or the alligator toppings you'll get in the low swampy redneck mud holes in Florida. Simply fresh neopolitan pizza coming out like clockwork every 15 minutes.

Inside, the place is rather small with a full prep kitchen in the back where all the ingredients are made fresh daily.

The signs in Brothers are the same signs from the 60's with paper taped over the original $.25 slice and $.10 soda.

Enough said. If Alec Baldwin can stop there coming out of JFK, so can you. It is amazing to me how a place paying such high rent, in Queens, NY manages to be cheaper then most places in South Florida, where the cost of living is cheaper. Brother's Pizza, unlike most pizza places down in Florida, believes in giving its customers great food at a great price. Pasta is like $7.00 here for a huge portion, compared with places down in Lake Worth, FL, which charge $14.99 for the same size. Shame on all those pizza owners who try to rip their customers off.

I know Pizza Expert won't let new reviewers give a perfect 8 out of 8 slice ranking, so I must give Brother's Pizza in Fresh Meadows  7 out of 8 slice. But here's to the 8 of 8's and to being home again, even if it was for the briefest of moments in time.

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