Brooklyn Square Pizza Seaford, NY

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Brooklyn Square Pizza Seaford, NY

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On my previous trip to Long Island, we decided to take several days and drive around on another mini pizza tour. During this pizza escapade, 4 of us hopped in the truck and began our journey, not knowing which pizza we would eat. Four brave souls, risking eating where we knew good pizza was, but choosing to try out some random new places we passed. Since we started around Syosset, we jumped on the 135 and headed south to the end, which is in Seaford (hence the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway). Once off the highway we headed west and the first pizza place we noticed was Brooklyn Square Pizza on Merrick Road in Seaford.

Once seeing the name, one of my friends in the truck said he heard this pizza was supposed to be reminiscent of Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn, which for those of you who don't know, could easily be one of the best pizza slices in the country. I, personally couldn't wait to try it out and see if it was anything even remotely close to the pizza I have had at Spumoni Gardens.

Brooklyn Square Pizza wasn't anything to write home about inside. It was laid out completely wrong, and you can't help but notice how hard it is for the pizza guy to make the pizza and get it into the oven from where they have it situated. Brooklyn Square also has Italian Ices displayed when you first walk in, instead of the pizza that they are selling. That seems kind of odd in my opinion. We were going to order a pie, but since we didn't have much time, and since we only wanted to try one slice and move on towards the next pizza place, we just got a regular and a upside down Sicilian slice. The staff didn't seem to enthralled that customers were there, and I think they should have been a little bit more lively. Even when I asked questions, they didn't seem too eager to answer.

When the slice came out it kind of looked like the slices you would salivate over at Spumoni Gardens. The cheese was melted beautifully underneath the evenly layered sauce. I was hoping it was sweet. When I picked up the slice, it seemed like it almost was frozen previously, or just left out for too long. It was crazy crisp, but also felt somewhat stale. When I took my first bite, the sound of the crust cracking in my mouth was delightful, but the taste of the crust was pretty bland. The sauce wasn't very good, and certainly wasn't sweet like an upside down (red) slice should be. It had quite the acidic taste. The cheese tasted great, and I wouldn't change anything about that. This slice probably would have tasted a heck of a lot better if we had ordered a fresh pie, since the crust would have tasted fresh, and that would have made this slice much tastier.

Brooklyn Square, I understand how you want to profit off of that whole Brooklyn Style pizza, but your slice, in my opinion, isn't even close to as good as Spumoni Gardens, who you seem to try to be mimicking. My suggestion would be to sweeten up your sauce, and not let your sliced pies sit out too long. Also, if you want the place busier than I saw it, I would suggest asking your employees to be a bit more personable. Remember Rosa's in Queens also makes this pizza, so it isn't just a Brooklyn Style pie.

Brooklyn Square Pizza in Seaford gets 5 out of 8 slices. I was going to give it a 4, but if this pizza was in Florida, I would still think it was good compared to others.

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  • 3620 Merrick Road, Seaford, NY 11783