Brooklyn Boys Pizza – Boca Raton

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Brooklyn Boys Pizza – Boca Raton

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Took my parents to Brooklyn Boys since they didn't want to have to go somewhere to have a waiter or waitress bring us our 2 slices of pizza. I thought once Tony left Brooklyn Boys that the quality would go down, and I was totally amazed at how darn good this pizza was.

The crust was tasty, the cheese was perfect and the sauce was nice and sweet. Even the girl behind the was adorable! I cannot really say anything negative about the pizza, but one thing I can say negative about the overall experience is how terribly filthy this place is. Only those with strong stomachs should venture in the store. The counters are dirty, the pizzas aren't covered, and half the place looks like it is falling apart.

But since I am not a food safety inspector I will just stick to the pizza now, and I give this 6 out of 8 slices! Well worth the try!

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  • 9967 Glades Road, Boca Raton