Brooklyn Boys Pizza Boca Raton Not The Best They Could Do

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Brooklyn Boys Pizza Boca Raton Not The Best They Could Do

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of Brooklyn Boys Pizza, I noted that the place was filthy.  It came as a shock to me, but it appears the new owners actually spent a few hundred bucks to make the place look less disgusting.

Today's trip to Brooklyn Boys included my sons friend and his father.  We ordered a large pie, half meatballs, half pepperoni.  Usually I do not brag about pizza to anyone, but in order to make the dad want to try it, I portrayed this pizza as one of the best that Boca Raton has to offer.  Once again I learned, I should have just kept my mouth shut.  When the pizza came out, it was smoking hot, and looked utterly appetizing.  After it cooled down for a minute or two, we dug in.

One of the things I have always enjoyed about Brooklyn Boys Pizza, is the crust.  Usually the crust is crispy and you can hold up a slice without it flopping down and having the cheese fall off.  This is mostly due to the amount of sugar they put in the crust.  Today's pizza was far from crispy.  As a matter of fact, the pie was extremely undercooked.  The pizza I had today was nothing like the pizza I had during any other previous visit to this store.  Not sure if they cheapened out on the ingredients they are using in order to pay for the dozen or so new tiles they installed in the place, but whatever they are doing different shows.  Perhaps they just have a new pizza guy who doesn't give a crap, and that shows too.  Just to make sure it wasn't a random bad pizza, I proceeded to order a slice of Sicilian pizza as well.  When that came out, I was equally disappointed.

Brooklyn Boys, it was evident to me that business is hurting, due to the lack of patrons in the store.  It used to be in the past, that on a Saturday afternoon, it was difficult to find seating.  This apparently has changed.  Based upon the lack of customers, you might want to consider going back to your original recipe, and putting a little more love and care into your pie.  The changes you have made to clean up the place are welcomed, and the new flat screen tv is a big improvement, compared to the other old one from 1973 that used to hang on the wall.  You know the one that looked like it was going to fall on the customers head above the spot where they order from.  Another change you should make is in the appearance of your staff.  Having to order and eat pizza from a girl who has zero interest in looking half way decent is unappetizing.  Make your staff cover their bras and put a little more effort into their jobs.

I will give Brooklyn Boys Pizza in Boca Raton 4 out of 8 slices for this visit.  It hurts me to do this, since Brooklyn Boys was always a quality slice of pizza.  Also, you should consider having your employees smoke somewhere else besides the front of the store, it just looks classless.

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