Brewzzi’s Boca Raton Pizza

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Brewzzi’s Boca Raton Pizza

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Excuse the picture for being on its side but it was the best way to show how thick this crust was. Went to Brewzzi's the other day to meet some friends for lunch. Matt's Pizza decided to come as well as Martin. Initially I was going to do the pasta dish there but after some peer pressure from Matt, I ultimately decided to get the pizza, since he remembered that one of the higher ups in the organization invited me in to taste it many months ago.

The Brewzzi decision makers even inquired about having a #pizzatweetup at the Boca Raton Brewzzi's location, but never followed through when I explained to them that we require all pizza to be supplied for free to the attendees.

I tried not to let the fact that they didn't feel like our PizzaTweetup attendees were worthy of some free slices that cost like $0.20 to make each based upon the Brewzzi pizza slice size. Naturally I ordered a plain pie and was happy to see it came on the Pizza Butler. They used to advertise on the site....wonder what happened to them?

The first thing I noticed when picking up the slice was the excessive amount of flower on the crust, which is evident in the above photo. Secondly, the crust was way too puffy. This pie should have been thin crusted, it would have tasted much better. The crust wasn't cooked properly so it was extremely soggy, and actually made it difficult for me to lift up to my mouth.  As I went for the first bit, the slice flopped down and I bit air. No reason to serve a pie that cannot even make it into someone's mouth without having to lift the slice up over their heads. The sauce was nothing exquisite and was thankfully applied lightly. The cheese was the best part of the pizza, and had a nice fresh taste to it.

I can tell that Brewzzi's is trying to use some decent ingredients, but in my opinion they fail on the execution of applying them properly. My suggestion would be to take more time with the sauce and sweeten it a bit. Use less flour on the dough, and flaten out the edges so it comes out thinner. If you guys could do this, I would like to come back and try it again.

Maybe this is why they didn't want to give free pizza to our #pizzatweetup attendees. Cause they knew most wouldn't come back to pay for it afterwards. You guys are close Brewzzi's, you just need a little help.

Brewzzi's in Boca Raton gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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