Bogart’s Restaurant Pizza Cinemark Movie Theater Boca Raton

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Bogart’s Restaurant Pizza Cinemark Movie Theater Boca Raton

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bogarts.jpgMuvico recently sold their Boca Raton movie theater to Cinemark.  As we have previously stated here, in our opinion Muvico was a much better run theater under the previous owners.  The new owners have raised all the prices, lowered portions and have given most of us a sub-par experience.

Bogart's restaurant has remained open in the Premier section of the theater though, and I was hoping that they also did not skimp out on the quality of their food and portions.  After seeing a movie with Allison and my wife, we decided to grab something to eat and kill some time.  Obviously I ordered the pizza since my previous experience was quite delightful.  When the pie finally came out (good thing I wasn't waiting for a movie, since I would have unequivocally been late) I anxiously took my first bite.

The pizza this night at Bogart's was nothing as I remembered it. Once I got past the aesthetically unpleasing craters on top of the pie, it became clear that Bogart's has also tried to go the route of Cinemark, with their attention to quality.  Yes it was still thin, but the crust tasted bland, the cheese tasted undercooked, and the sauce was not nearly as sweet as it used to be.  Maybe it was an off night for them, or maybe because it was so late, they choose to not put any tlc into this pie.  But one thing is certain, I almost felt like removing my previous review of their pizza after having this pie.

For the amount of time we waited for the pizza, it could have been cooked much better then it was.  There is no excuse for an undercooked pie when it is made so thin.  Bogart's, did you change your dough recipe?  Are you using cheaper ingredients?  If so, I suggest you go back to your original, great tasting recipe that you used on my first experience eating there.

In my opinion Bogart's Pizza in the Cinemark theater gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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