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Boca’s Best Pizza Boca Raton

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Recently, Big Louie's closed down in Boca Raton. I wasn't sure if this was due to their lack of quality tasting pizza, or all the rodents that probably infest this decrepit shopping center, which is located right near the train tracks on Palmetto Park Road.

Although I never got the full story as to why Big Louie's closed their Boca location, I cannot say they are missed.  I never thought I would see another pizza place open up in their spot, since it is so dirty looking from the outside.  Well they say there is a match for everyone, and I guess the new owners of Boca's Best Pizza found their match and opened up this new pizza place a month or so ago.

I went in the other day to check it out, and ordered a slice to take with me.  It was a bit upsetting for me to see them using this conveyor belt oven, which is open on both sides to cook their pies.  They should have spent the money and gotten a quality oven in order to make a quality pie.  Why would you buy a pizza place, and just use whatever crappy equipment helped the last place fail?  It just doesn't make sense.

When my slice was pulled out of this conveyor belt contraption, I instantly noticed how perfectly rolled and rounded the outer crust was.  Cannot recall the last time I saw someone spend so much time to make it so artistic.  It actually gave me the impression that the whole slice was thick like this.  Upon my first bite, it became quite clear that this slice was nice and thin.  Very crisp, but with the texture of the bottom of the conveyor belt metal screen from the oven.  The slice did not contain much sauce, but what I did taste was decent. What I didn't really care for, was how burnt this slice was.  They left the slice in the oven for too long and the cheese even tasted burnt by the time I ate it.  Let alone the crust...

I think if Boca's Best Pizza can manage to get a new oven in there, or at least learn to cook properly in the remnant oven they posses, they have the opportunity to make a decent slice.  It would be nice to see this place stay in business, as it appears it is owned by brothers, and most of the staff family members.  And we always want to see a family run pizza joint make it.

Most Memorable Things:

  • They are open until 2am!  Nice to be able to get a slice that late if you need one
  • Family run and operated
  • Friendly staff

Least Memorable Things:

  • Dirty shopping center
  • Terrible oven
  • $2.93 is way too much for the slice I ate

Boca's Best Pizza gets 4 out of 8 slices

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