Boca Grove Country Club Pizza in Boca Raton

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Boca Grove Country Club Pizza in Boca Raton

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Recently flew back down to Boca Raton for a wedding at the Boca Grove Country Club. This is a beautiful area, with some amazing houses spread around a magnificent golf course, that looks like it was recently redone. Prior to the wedding we were invited for dinner at the Country Club restaurant, on what I think was Italian Night, or at least they had a bunch of things that seemed Italian. After making my way past many of the people who were mingling, and about my parents age, I spotted some pizza on a beautiful granite stone. Although I normally try to eat plain slices, they didn't have any, and I was hungry. Obviously I am not as picky as Pizza Expert when it comes to pizza. Sometimes you gotta try other things, and expand your palette.

I couldn't really tell what was on this pizza, but it didn't matter, since it tasted like it was sitting for too long regardless. There was a different type of pizza next to it, so I grabbed a slice of that as well, just to have some comparison. You never know when you just get a bad pie by accident. This pie had some type of sausage, and peppers. It isn't a good sign when you cannot tell what is on the pizza you are about to eat.

Both pies, had the same cardboard tasting crust in my opinion, and probably were par baked shells. The sauce wasn't striking. The cheese didn't taste like it was real mozzarella cheese, at least in my opinion. I wish I could have tasted the regular slice, with nothing on it, but unfortunately I didn't lay eyes on one while we ate there. I ended up taking a couple of bites of this pizza and opting for the pasta station (which incidentally was really good).

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like this pie was putrid, and deserves to be ridiculed. I just do not think Boca Grove Country Club in Boca Raton, is a pizza place. Some of the other country clubs in the area, pride themselves on making pizza for their members. You can see this at Boca West, and even though it didn't score high on this site, Woodfield Country Club also has homemade pizza. In my opinion I wouldn't go for the pizza if you happen to eat at Boca Grove Country Club, instead try to push your way through the yentas and get the pasta.

Boca Grove Country Club in Boca Raton gets 3 out of 8 slices.

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