Big C’s Downtown Pizza Fort Lauderdale

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Big C’s Downtown Pizza Fort Lauderdale

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We were looking for a pizza place on Andrews Ave in Fort Lauderdale that we ate at once before and kind of liked, after going to a convention at the Broward Convention Center. Yes it was exxxotica, but that is besides the point. Based upon the location, I thought we arrived at the right place, but I just didn't think the names matched up. We put money in the meter and headed inside anyways since hunger was becoming an issue.

After walking into Big C's Pizzeria it became quite clear we weren't at the right place. A little research showed that we meant to eat at Pie-Zan's Pizza but miscalculated the location. Man am I sorry we made this error.


I won't try to bash Big C's Pizzeria in Fort Lauderdale too much (remember this is just my personal opinion) since I do not want to abuse the power of this site and the loyalty of the readers, but let me tell you I could go on for a while about the things I didn't like even before I placed my one slice order. For starters this is what you see when you enter. So you wait at the register only to discover this isn't where you order anything. It is like a mock ordering counter to make them appear busier than they are or ever will be. Let me address a few other things here that need fixing.


After you figure out that you cannot order at this fake counter you have to walk all the way to the end of the long counter, passing by ice cream that is ridiculously overpriced. Eventually you arrive at a counter to place your pizza order. This is where we should have turned around and just left, but my friends wanted to stay and just eat. Once you get to the misplaced actual counter, you are greeted by a big fellow who knows as much about the menu, pizza or really anything in this place, as I know about running a 4x4 repair shop. He actually tried to tell me that Garlic Knots and Garlic Rolls are the same thing.The menu here at Big C's Pizzeria in Fort Lauderdale had way too many items to learn anyways. Gordon Ramsey would have a field day with this.


I ordered a Sicilian slice which was priced at $3.50, which was painful to order since the gentleman behind the counter taking the order said they didn't have Sicilian. It was right there on the menu though. After asking what appeared to be the manger, I finally got my order in. Unlike the counter help, the manager knew everything about the menu and seemed to be a really nice guy. We had no issue with him except that if he was in charge or hiring, he did a terrible job on the front line.


The slice came out and it was a very nice size. As you can see the cheese wasn't cooked through. Upon taking my first bite it revealed that the slice wasn't heated much at all. It was lukewarm, but I really didn't want to take a chance of sending it back. The crust actually was crisp considering the lack of proper cooking. The sauce was spicy and very garlicky. It had pieces of tomato skin throughout it and I thoroughly disliked it (in my opinion).


In my opinion Big C's Pizza on Andrews Ave. will not last. I mean it just seemed vacant. Little things could be done to help this place like fixing the decrepit soda machine. Holding it up with a can of corn or whatever that was, doesn't aesthetically look clean.

Once again, it is only my personal opinion, but I cannot recommend this place, nor will I return. Big C's there are so many little things you can do to appear cleaner, and more of a pizza place. We are happy to help you for free if you email us. We hate to see any place close, and want to give you tools to succeed.

Big C's Pizza in Fort Lauderdale gets 3 out of 8 slices. I gave it a 3 instead of a 2 since the crust was crisp and if the cheese was actually cooked, it tasted decent. My friends had a regular slice and didn't find it gross either.

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