Big City Pizza Boca Raton Renovates a Bit

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Big City Pizza Boca Raton Renovates a Bit

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bigcitypizza.jpgbig_city_pizza.jpgBig City Pizza in Boca Raton recently renovated the inside, cleaning it up about and adding some Italian Character.  This is a welcomed change, considering the previous space looked a little run down, and aged.  Many of us thought Big City Pizza was going to move across the street into another shopping center, but instead they stayed put and started to renovate.  Big City Pizza is located on 222 Yamato Road, near the Panera Bread.  561.997.5656

There is new paint on the wall, new menus posted, and the place has a great new look and feel to it.  The owners tell me many other changes are planned for the future and some should be noticeable soon.

The pizza I had there today was great.  There was something about the way the cheese tasted today on the regular slice (they had no sicilian today) that was outrageous.  The guy behind the counter told me they hadn't changed anything, but this visit gave me one of the best slices I have had there, or at many other places for that matter.  The cheese:sauce ratio was perfect, and even though the pie just came out of the oven, the crust held up decently.

Well done guys!  We wish you much success with the redesign and decision to stay put.  After the pizza I had there the other day, you will be seeing me more often. Hope it always tastes this good.

Big City Pizza in Boca Raton, gets 6 out of 8 slices for todays visit!

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