Big City Pizza Boca Raton Is Not Moving

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Big City Pizza Boca Raton Is Not Moving

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img_0566It has just been brought to our attention that Big City Pizza in Boca Raton, is not moving across the street.  Seems like they are going to be able to work things out with their current landlord and stay put.  This was a smart move on their landlords behalf, since that shopping center already has had permanent empty space, and with the current economic meltdown, it is extremely unlike he would find someone to take Big City Pizza's spot.

We are happy Big City Pizza is staying put, since the shopping center they were considering across the street was decrepit.  Even though that landlord was FINALLY updating the plaza, it was only external changes.  Whatever gross stuff is inside those spaces, isn't going to change just because of a pretty makeover.

Big City Pizza has one of the better New York Sicilian style slices around this Boca Raton area.  Although they only seem to make it on Thursday - Sunday, seems like when I go in lately, they are sold out of it.  Luckily enough this previous time I went there with Big G, we were able to get a few slices.

Watching the two owners of this place interact with each other and the staff is quite comical, and leads to the allure of eating in, instead of taking out.  Not much I would change about the Sicilian pizza, but I might consider using a little bit more tasty of a sauce.

Big City Pizza gets 5 out of 8 slices for this visit.  If you haven't tried this place, it is worth checking it out for sure.  Tell the guys behind the counter you came from worst pizza.

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