Best Pizza I Have Had In Florida

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Best Pizza I Have Had In Florida

Posted By: Walt
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Quite possibly the best pizza I've ever had in South Florida. How crazy is that?! South Florida? Of all places...

Seriously, with all the north east transplants down here that beat their fists into their chests when expressing pride in their love for the NY/NJ tri-state area you'd figure that one of them could make a decent pizza. Unfortunately that hasn't been the case. In fact, one of my favorite pizza places in Fort Lauderdale actually hails from Pittsburg (Primanti Brothers).

However Pimanti Brothers cannot compete with the pizza I had last week. This pizza was almost perfect. The crust was crisp yet delicate. It never bended nor did it ever fold at different temps. The cheese was just the right amount and cooked to perfection. The sauce was sweet and full of flavor with just a sprinkle of spices. This pizza never burned my mouth, even at the very first bite yet it was still hot. It was the near perfect pizza (for South Florida).

It's unfair to say that this pizza was near perfect for South Florida. This was damn near perfect for anywhere. The only reason I didn't give this pizza a perfect rating was because the guy who made it told me his actual recipe for this style requires onions (sauteed or caramelized, not sure) and anchovies. Are you freakin' kidding me? I've got to try that (love anchovies).

Where can you get this pizza. I'm sorry to say but I can't state it here. The owner made this pie as a treat for PizzaExpert and myself.  However if you ever meet up with me, I can tell you where to get awesome freakin' pizza. Seriously, it's worth the drive and it's worth the visit. Why? Because I'm tired of eating sub-par pizza in South Florida and I'm sure you are too. Oh and the price is very fair and welcoming (compared some overpriced pizza joints in South Florida).

I'm Walt and I've just had some damn near perfect pizza! And remember, when trying a new place, always order the cheese pizza. It's the best way to know if a pizza place deserves repeat business.

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