Bellini’s Pizza – My Opinion on the Coal Fired Pizza in Fort Lauderdale

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Bellini’s Pizza – My Opinion on the Coal Fired Pizza in Fort Lauderdale

Posted By: Willie
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bellinipizza.jpgA few weeks ago I noticed a new sign had been put up blocks away from my humble apartment, Bellini's Coal Fired Pizza. Naturally, the first thing that came to mind was, "I better tell Lapp immediately." Despite his busy schedule of pissing people off, we managed to schedule a dinner there for the same week. Imagine my excitement, another possibly delicious pizza option close by. Score. I waited for our night to come with baited breath.

The night arrived and Lapp, his friend Bruce, and myself walked through the door of Bellini's. Despite its dull exterior and location in a nondescript strip mall on Federal highway, the inside shined. Obviously another restaurant that has subscribed to the philosophy that pizza places can be posh - metallic colored fabric on the bar stools; tall, regal booths; and even modern place settings. A pizza place that you could get away with taking a date to...if your date didn't have great taste in pizza.

That's right, the pizza was average at best. Which is a shame because both of the appetizers we had were pretty solid, truffled mac'n'cheese and some sort of baked brie and apricot concoction that I thought was going to make Bruce cry out in cheese euphoria. But back to the pizza...

The best word I can think of is average. The sauce had a nice balance of acidity and sweetness, there was decent-tasting mozzarella cheese on top, and there was a crust. The crust on the large pizza that we got was undercooked and lacked the crunch and texture of the smaller pie we had. But nothing stood out. This pizza is the 5'9, 175lb guy who's married with two kids and earns $36,100 a year. Completely average.

But let's look on the upside, Bellini's has only been open for a month, and like the waiter told us, they are still working out some of the kinks. I hope they do. If they could kick the pizza up to the quality that's exhibited in the decor and the appetizers, it would be a solid contender; however, for now 5 out of 8 slices.

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