Bella Pizza 2 West Palm Beach, Fl Clematis Street Pizza

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Bella Pizza 2 West Palm Beach, Fl Clematis Street Pizza

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Went up to my uncles condo in West Palm Beach to go to my cousins child birthday party. My uncle was courteous enough to order in some pizza from Pizza Bella 2 for us with some garlic knots. I asked him why he chose this location and he told me it is a nice tasting pie with some of the fairest prices in town.

The pie looked tasty enough when I opened it, so I grabbed a slice and a couple of garlic knots, just to see what they tasted like. While eating I read up to see where Bella Pizza 2 was in West Palm Beach and realized it is located on Clematis Street, where another type of European Cafe was.  I forget the name.

My first bite revealed a very tasty crust and a severe lack of sauce.  The sauce I did actually taste was nothing better than average. After examining the bottom of the crust I realized the excessive amounts of corn meal they used on the bottom pie. You guys might want to refrain from this, since too much is a bit annoying. As for the cheese,  it was just average, but considering this was delivered pizza, and traveled a bit in order for us to enjoy it, I would say it wasn't all that bad.

Pizza Bella 2 gets 4 out of 8.

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