Belezza Pizzeria in Limhamn Sweden

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Belezza Pizzeria in Limhamn Sweden

Posted By: Claus
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belezza_pizza.jpgTried: Fungi (tomato, cheese, mushrooms)

Tried Belezza Pizza in Limhamn once again despite a previous experience because it is conveniently located nearby my residence. What strikes me most odd about their pizza is the paper-thin dough, even worse than other Swedish restaurants.

The crispness was okay, although a couple more seconds wouldn’t have harmed it either. This pizza could have been improved by using more tomato sauce and slightly decreasing the amount of cheese. Ignoring the amount, the cheese was actually the better part of this pizza, not too greasy. The mushrooms came almost certainly from a discount can and had a watery mushroom flavor at best, while other pieces didn’t taste of anything at all or had dried out too much.

Fun facts about Sweden: did you know…?

  • Mashed bananas, curry powder, kebab meat and even peanuts are common toppings; moose meat is a less common one.
  • Restaurants usually serve a small side salad made of cabbage and vinegar with each pizza.
  • While regular pizza dough is thin (around 1/32”), most places serve a few thicker so-called “American style” pizzas.

I will give Belezza Pizza 2 out of 8 slices.

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  • Älggatan 19A
 216 13 Limhamn, Sweden