Backyard Pizza Oven – This Is The Coolest Guy

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Backyard Pizza Oven – This Is The Coolest Guy

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Today was one of the best Sunday's a Pizza Expert could ask for!  Billy invited me to his friends house out in Western Boca Raton.  Since I usually play poker with the guy who invited him, I decided to tag along.  The purpose of the gathering was to watch the Dolphin Vs. Jets game.  Although I am a football fan, my reason for going had nothing to do with football.  The real reason I insisted on tagging along had everything to do with the Pizza Oven this family has in their backyard.

This is a pure pizza oven made by Marshal, faced with red bricks.  The stone in the oven was spotless, and they have a full prep table under the counter, filled with toppings, and a refridgerator for the fresh ingredients.  Needless to say, visiting this house, is like going to heaven for me.  There are few places I could think of that I would rather be on Sunday's from now on in.  The first pie he took out of the oven was spectacular.  Too bad I ate like all 8 slices, cause I didn't have much room to try the other specialty pies he was making.

The homemade sauce he made was a bit spicy, but never the less, was amazing.  As he kneading the dough, he added some parmesean cheese, some fresh garlic, and then the sauce.  A nice even amount of sauce, spread out clockwise from the center to the edges.  Then came the fresh shredded mozz. cheese, and then some fresh oregano.  Watching this pizza cook in the oven had my mouth watering. One thing I learned today from him....You should always place the hot pizza on wood before putting it on the serving dish.  I will give his Back Yard Pizza 7 out of 8 slices.  And I thank him and his wonderful family for being such a hospitable host to me and my son today!

If you have a pizza oven in your backyard, I would love to see pictures and post them on the site.  Tell us about some of the stuff you use in your home pizza station, to make yours the best.

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