Aura Pizza South Beach Miami

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Aura Pizza South Beach Miami

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on Lincoln after @johnnybond86 told me it was pretty good.

After missing Da Leo by a couple of blocks we  passed Aura and were accosted by the pushy staff trying to drag us inside. He kept talking about some happy hour specials with an accent I couldn't understand.  When he said something about having the uh two eh for the eh one drinks I asked of they had free refills on soda. He said no so we walked towards the east looking for other options. On our way back he recognized us and offered us free refills, so if you eat here be sure to ask for the refills before you sit!

Aura was EMPTY on this afternoon, while the other places around it were pretty packed. I wasn't sure if this was because they had just opened, or if it was because their staff was pushy and scared people away.  Maybe their food just sucked?

I ordered a plain pie and waited for it.  I wasn't able to peek into the kitchen, so I was hoping they made it from scratch and that it wasn't frozen. As many of you know, Lincoln Road is inundated with european style pizza places. You have Spris, Da Leo, Sosta, Quattro, Tiramisu, and several others. Many of these places are actually even owned by the same group, so even if you think you are getting different food at these places, you are getting the same with a different name.

When the pizza came out, it looked impressive.  Very similar to the pizza found at Spris, but cut into 4 slices.  The pizza was beautifully thin, and had a perfect amount of sauce:cheese. My first bite was nice, nothing exceptional, but nothing terrible either. The crust was a bit floppy which was odd, since thin pizza tends to crisp up nicely when cooked properly. The sauce was smooth and sweet.  The cheese tasted like the kind that many quality places order. I do not think they skimped on ingredients here, but I do not think they have perfected the art of cooking their pizzas yet.

If you are looking for Pizza while on Lincoln Road, in my opinion there are better places to eat at like Spris, but give this place a try anyways.  Maybe they have learned how to use their ovens better by the time you have read this. Based on the dish my wife ordered, and the amount of people eating there, I wouldn't be surprised to see Aura out of business one day.  Just doesn't seem like quality enough of food in my opinion to compete with others.

Aura in South Beach gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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