Augy’s Hawaiian Sicilian Pizza Boca Raton

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Augy’s Hawaiian Sicilian Pizza Boca Raton

Posted By: Jessie
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Have you ever wondered what’s in those small plazas with hidden doorways in the back and with parking lots not visible to the eye from the streets? Well, this is what Augy’s in Boca Raton, FL. is like. This wouldn’t have been the first time visiting this Italian joint however it was the first time coming in without my friends nor the pizza expert. This time I was left to make my own decision with no preferences and with no recommendations from the expert.

So with that said, I decided to stick with what I knew. Generally when I am at Augy’s I will have the upside down Sicilian pizza pie, or pasta, or even the Stromboli, however pizza’s what I went for today. The only exception was I wanted to add some flavor to it, so I went ahead and made the daring move of ordering pineapple and Canadian bacon on top of the Sicilian. When it arrived at my table, it was no surprise to me that a family owned restaurant would serve a hot fresh pizza, but this one just took complete control of my senses. The sauce was steamy and smelled amazing.

The shape and crust are a little different than most pizza’s we see out there, but I figured since it contained eight slices that it should amount to a medium sized pizza. The only thing that was a bit appalling to me was that the service is a little slow and the crust had a bit of a bitter and burnt taste of cheese. If you are down for a round or different kind of pizza you can order that there but the pineapple and red sauce on top of all that cheese was good enough for me. If you’re not a cheese fan, then try a different pie. This pie comes loaded with cheese and a doughy upper crust, yet dry crispy crust below. Not to forget, the scenery inside the restaurant has a European feel and look to it. Even though I wouldn’t order this again or anytime soon, the service was good, and the pizza overall was fresh. This Down Sicilian/Hawaiian gets a whopping 6/8 slices.

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