Armando’s Pizza Chef Fort Lee, NJ

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Armando’s Pizza Chef Fort Lee, NJ

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My son was wrestling at a tournament in Fort Lee, NJ and I got extremely bored waiting for him in between matches. Since it wasn't terribly cold out, I decided to take a walk around the area and see if I could find any food that wasn't Korean. To my surprise I found Armando's Pizzeria on 16th Street.

Armando's was located amongst a small strip of stores with Korean signs by the athletic center, and I wasn't really sure how it worked when I walked in. There was no pizza counter, and no hostess, so I waited a bit to see if anyone came out or noticed me there.


Eventually a waitress came out and asked me if I was dining in. After explaining to her that I wanted just one slice to go and a soda, she told me the price and I paid her. She then went over to the pizza guy and gave him my order and I began the wait. Ultimately the pizza came out boxed and I was on my way to try to find a place to sit and eat it.

While walking out of Armando's Pizza Chef in Fort Lee I had a couple of thoughts. I pondered the amount of money they would save if they asked me if I just wanted it on a plate and saved the box. Furthermore, I thought about how nice it would have been if the waitress asked me if I wanted to sit down and eat it there since the place was empty anyways.


So, I found a seat in the park behind the gym my son was wrestling at and opened the box. Armando's makes a pretty big pizza slice. This slice of Fort Lee pizza filled the box and as I lifted it I could tell they didn't skimp on the cheese, based upon the weight. I took my first bite and as the oil from the cheese dripped down my fingers, I really didn't find tremendous fault with the slice.

Many of my readers hate when a slice is too oily, and I often see other random folks at pizza places around the country wiping it off with a napkin, which makes for a gross display at the table. Personally, I don't mind the oil, I just mind when it gets all over me.

The thinly made slice at Armando's Pizza had a good tasting sauce, which was layered on smoothly over a crisp crust that held up as I lifted it from the plate. The cheese tasted pretty good but in my personal opinion there are most expensive and tasty blends to choose from. The crust was a little overcooked toward the edge as you can see in the above photo. But with everything put together this slice tasted pretty good.

Not that there are tons of other options for pizza in this specific area, but Armando's Pizza is probably a place I would eat at again if I ever found myself in the Fort Lee.

Armando's Pizza in Fort Lee, NJ gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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