Antonio’s Pizza-Rant Davie, Florida

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Antonio’s Pizza-Rant Davie, Florida

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One of the stops on a previous #chevypizzacrawl was at a new place we had never been to at one of our events. One of the organizers with me suggested we try Antonio's Pizza-Rant, since she had fond memories of it from growing up. Seems like they have more then one location around the area, which is odd that I had never heard of it prior to being there.  This caused me to have my pizza flags up. Usually if a place is decent, I get several emails informing me of the location, if I do not have a review already.

This Antonio's Pizza location was in Davie, right off State Road 84.  We were greeted warmly by what appeared to be the owner. After ordering a few pies, we begun our wait. Once the pies came out, I wasn't immediately impressed with their appearance. The crust looked undercooked, and the cheese smelled a bit on the cheap side.Upon picking up my slice, it became evident that there was an abundance of flour on the bottom.  I mean it looked like a sandstorm as I bit into it. Why do you need so much flour guys?

Shockingly, I found their sauce to be pretty good. Of course it didn't mix well with the undercooked crust, and not really up to par cheese taste.  My suggestion would be for you guys to cook the pies a little more well done.  Don't rush the pies out, as your patrons would much prefer to have their pies cooked properly.  Try to use less flour when initially cooking.

Overall I wasn't too impressed, but I have certainly had worse around town.  I would like to go back and try a sliced pie reheated to see if it is cooked better.

Antonio's Pizza-Rant gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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  • 13718 W State Road 84, Davie, FL