Anton Pizzeria and Brick Oven Pizza Center Moriches Pizza

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Anton Pizzeria and Brick Oven Pizza Center Moriches Pizza

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Was coming home from the Hamptons the other day since we got rained on. On the way back we stopped and had some ice cream and then decided to grab some dinner. My uncle knew of a place in in the Moriches which has been known to have some of the best pizza in Center Moriches named Anton Pizzeria and Brick Oven Pizzas.

Although my aunt suggested we try the Brick Oven Pizzas which Anton Pizza is known for, we chose to get a regular pie instead since that is what the kids seemed to want. I probably would have preferred to try one of the Brick Oven Pizzas since they are quite popular among the locals, but like usual the kids won, and I didn't want to make an all day event out of this dining experience.

When our plain pie from Anton Pizzeria came to the table I thought it looked great. Immediately I noticed the excessive amount of flour on the edges, and as I picked the slice up it became evident that they used too much on the bottom of the pie as well. Of course I was thinking the worst for this pizza based upon their lack of care with the amount of flour they apply, but once I took my first bite, the flour didn't phase me. The cheese tasted fantastic, and there was a generous amount of it applied on top of the sweet tasting smooth sauce, which was lightly applied on top of the decent tasting crust. The crust was soft and chewy but since most pies out of the oven are, I won't penalize them too much for that.

After talking with other patrons in Anton's, it became even more illuminated that I need to try the Brick Oven Pizza here, so on my next visit I will make sure I do and let you know what I think.

Anton Pizzeria in Center Moriches gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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