Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Gets Huge $25M Boost for Expansion

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Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Gets Huge $25M Boost for Expansion

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One of the places here in Florida that people love going to for great pies in a fine dining atmosphere is Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. Personally I have truly never understood the allure since there are dozens of other places that in my opinion cook a better pie. Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza has several Florida locations, including Coral Springs, Delray Beach, and others. What most Floridians don't know is that they also have franchises in New York, Jersey, Pennsylvania, and more.

So what does a successful multi-location operation like Anthony's do to keep going? Why they get a $25 million dollar cash infusion from some huge and well known investors like GE Capital and Quilvest Group Investment to keep expanding. That's what.

The companies just announced this new investment with $17 million being a term loan to expand operations and $8 million as a revolving credit facility to stock and open those new restaurants. Currently, Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza has thirty two locations and is obviously planning on adding many more.

Will this mean that Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza devolves into just another cardboard box Hut sending fast-order (so-called) pizza around in little blue Dominoes? Not likely.

Anyone who's set foot in an ACFP knows that the place is elegant, serves decent food, and is one of the most trendy coal oven pizza establishments you can enter. It's almost belittling to call it a "pizza joint," at times,  but since I consider that a compliment, I will anyway.

I'm glad to see innovative pizza joints like Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza spreading around the country, especially since I feel they created the craze down here and led to some amazing places opening up after them. They're a well run establishment and are the epitome of what a having an idea and introducing it to a new market is all about.


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