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Anna’s Kitchen Pizza Boca Raton

Posted By: Andy Vitale
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This is probably the most excited I have ever been to do a review for I was driving through the Boca Greens Shopping Center and I remembered there being a pizza place inside. I passed by Stella's, I had already eaten there and it was OK. I could have sworn there was another pizza place there. On the complete other end of the shopping was Anna's Kitchen. I immediately checked worstpizza to look for a review but I didn't see one so I figured I might as well try it out.

When I walked in on a Thursday evening around 6PM, while under a Tropical Storm watch mind you, it was completely empty. I was a little worried, but I was there, so I went ahead and placed an order to go. I ordered a large pizza with ricotta cheese and a dozen garlic knots. The cashier checked with the pizza guy about the ricotta topping and he told her it was an extra four dollars. I was taken aback by the thought of four bucks for a splash of ricotta cheese. This was highway robbery, but I was in the mood for it, so it wasn't worth arguing over. While I waited for the pie, I read through the menu and saw that extra toppings were $2 and extra cheese was $2.50. Now I was starting to get angrier about it, but again, $1.50 more was not the end of the world. I looked around the restaurant and saw that they had a few plaques on the wall that said Best of Boca 2010. I thought it was weird since 2010 was only half over but figured, if their pizza wasn't good, I'm going to stand on my soapbox that is and shout it to the world.

I opened the garlic knots while driving home and noticed that my order of a dozen was actually about 25-30 of them. They were loaded with garlic and butter and cheese. They were so good, I must have had half a dozen on the way home. I walked in the door and opened the pizza box right away. I'm going to give credit where credit is due and say this was a big pizza pie.

They definitely didn't splash on the ricotta cheese, there were mountains of it. I took the first bite and it It was like a cross between a breath of fresh air and a slap across the face. I instantly thought OH MY GOD! This pizza was amazing. Now, my whole mood had changed and I couldn't wait to write about how good this pizza was. The crust was thin had body to it. It was crispy and perfectly cooked, it wasn't saggy or full of flour. The menu said they use grande cheese, which we all know is the best cheese. I could tell this was true by how the cheese melted and how fresh and delicious it tasted. It even had that delicious pizza oil, but it wasn't flooded with oil, it was just enough to make the cheese juicy. The sauce was light and not overbearing. I hate when the taste of the sauce interferes with the rest of the flavors rather than complement it. I honestly can't think of enough adjectives to describe this pizza.

So, now it's time to rate this pizza and this is by far the hardest part. There is so much pizza that is just OK, when I come across pizza that stands above the rest, even if ever so slightly, I sometimes give a good review only to be disappointed when I return. I immediately wanted to give this pizza an 8 out of 8 slices. It was truly that good. The taste alone made me go from complaining about being charged $4 for ricotta to justifying it by thinking that, even with the overpriced topping, it was still cheaper than a lot of places out there. I'm not going to jump the gun this time. I will give them a 7+ out of 8 slices and go back and try them again. In the meantime, I highly recommend Anna's Kitchen and I ask for your feedback. This place is a keeper.

Once again Anna's Pizza gets 7 out of 8 slices

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