Andiamo Brick Oven Pizza Miami – Best Pizza

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Andiamo Brick Oven Pizza Miami – Best Pizza

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amdiamopizza.jpgAndiamo! Brick Oven Pizza is part of the very pedestrian friendly 55th Street Station on Biscayne Blvd in Miami.  It is a very trendy looking Car Wash themed outdoor restaurant with a big patio and some indoor seating as well. Located on 5600 Biscayne Blvd 305.762.5751.

I often pass by when driving to or from Miami, and recently had the opportunity to check this place out after a recent Miami Herald "Tweetup."  There is plenty of free parking available which is very nice to know.

Our group chatted with the owner for a while and could tell he was passionate about his pies, which we could see were cooking in a flaming open oven. We ordered a large New Yorker pizza (with no basil), and also wanted to try the 4 cheese and the Prosciutto w/ Arugula.  Let's start with the regular.  It was delicious.  The crust was nicely charred and cooked through (a good thing).  The sauce was nice, and the perfect amount was used.  The cheese was nice, tasty and chewy.  Better than most pizza you can get in South Florida, I was a very happy boy.  I liked the other pizzas as well.  The 4-cheese was delicious, but the slice was heavy and it was hard for the dough to hold up such a heavy slice.  But if you like this style of pizza, you should dig in.  The prosiuctto was good as well, but there was too much Arugula for my taste, and this particular style of pizza I once sampled in Naples and it is hard to compete with that kind of memory.

Andiamo is a great Miami see and be seen kind of place in a really cool spot.  Dinner was with a fantastic bunch of people whom I didn't know very well, but I am very much looking forward to seeing them all again and when I do I hope we can come back to Andiamo (I hear the cheesesteaks are good).  Andiamo gets 6 out of 8 slices (which on my scale equals a Very Good).

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