Amici’s Pizza Coconut Creek Florida

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Amici’s Pizza Coconut Creek Florida

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Amici's is a place I am upset I didn't discover sooner then I did. If you have not tried Amici's Pizza in Coconut Creek yet, you really need to get over there to try some of their pizza out. This is one of those places, with owners who get it. They are actively involved daily and actually care about the pie they put out.  Enough about them, let's focus on the pizza for now.

The pizza here has nice fresh Grande cheese with chunky sauce, which I didn't really care for.  The taste was great, but I could do without those chuncks of tomato in it.  It has a pretty powerful taste of garlic to it, so try it before you put any extra garlic powder on it.  The crust was cooked perfectly and had a delicious flavor to it. This is definitely one of the better slices I have had in the Coconut Creek, FL vicinity.

Amici's is unfortunately hidden within the shopping center it is located in. It is just west of Lyons road on Hillsborough, and located behind where the Roxy place used to be. It doesn't come as a surprise that me more people do not know about this pizza place, due to its locale.  It should be a given, that if they have tried the pizza here, they would come back.

The owners of Amici's care to only serve the finest quality products.  I thought it was pretty cool that after eating there the first time, they sent me home with a bottle of wine.  They do this for all first time customers.  This really gives the place a certain charm, and lets their customers walk away feeling appreciated, which is something too many other local restaurants neglect to do.

If you are in the mood for a good slice of pizza, with a nice atmosphere, and people behind the counter who care, go to Amici's Pizza in Coconut Creek.

Amici's Pizza gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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  • 4800 West Hillsboro Boulevard Coconut Creek, FL 33073-4371