American Pie Pizza Hallandale, FL Gulfstream Park

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American Pie Pizza Hallandale, FL Gulfstream Park

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A lot of hype was generated when the Gulfstream Racetrack remodeled itself and added outdoor shopping and gambling inside. Although it took us a while, my family and I finally found time to go and see if it was a fun place to put in our rotation on boring weekends.

Whoever did the redesign did a great job on the outside village area There are many outdoor shops and restaurants including Brio and Yard House. Needless to say if you are hungry you can easily find a place everyone agrees upon. Since I noticed a place called America Pie Pizzeria, we chose to get pizza. I have noticed since I have eaten there that they changed their name to American Pie Brick Oven Pizza now, probably to hop on the brick oven craze.

American Pie Pizza was kind of groovy inside, it is almost as if they were trying to emulate Peace a Pizza or Mellow Mushroom with the psychedelic ambiance. We ordered a plain pie and began our wait. American Pie Pizza was empty during our visit there, and only one other family came and sat down during our lunch. In all fairness, the entire Village area was kind of desolate on this weekend day that we went, so I didn't let it play into my initial reaction of thinking nobody wanted to eat here cause it is bad.

When the pie was placed on our table I could immediately see how much flour they used while preparing their pizza. Just look around the edges and the photo will show you definitive proof of how much they used. The sauce wasn't that great, but the cheese was really tasty. The cheese was the best part of the pie and I wished they applied more around the edges to cover up some of that sauce. The crust tasted quite bland and I feel this was due to the cheap flour they were using. Without the flour the crust might have tasted decent. I was further impressed that American Pie Pizza cooked this pie almost perfectly.

Although they might have changed their name, this is certainly the type of pizzeria that needs to be with a lot of foot traffic, since I cannot see anyone going out of their way to just eat here and deal with parking etc. The casino isn't anything special and it is kind of the been there done that type of environment.

American Pie Pizza in Hallandale gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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