Abeetza Pizza Greenvale, NY

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Abeetza Pizza Greenvale, NY

Posted By: Mad Greek
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A small plate, a big slice, and a big taste. Cheech, ABEETZ!!!

And look out Ralph's! Let the battle of the deep fried calzones begin. Abeetza  Pizza is a specialty pizza shoppe in Greenvale, NY, directly across the street from Grace's Marketplace (one of the finest fresh food emporiums for the epicurious in NY).

Some places pretend to make specialty pizza, Abeetza Pizza hardly has to pretend - they are the real deal. Whether straight neopolitan, sicilian, grandma, grandpa, crispino, etc. you name it... its all good. Its very, very good.

Abeetza Pizza in Greenvale has mastered a crust that is simply out of this world. I could eat the crust alone and be happy dipping it in sauce. In fact, it is the reason their crispino slice should be awarded the best in NY.

Their neopolitan is nothing to sneeze at either. If I had to be critical of anything, its the fact that they make their pizza just about an inch in diameter larger than most other places. That's a good thing for value but makes a little droop at the end even for a quick fold expert such as myself.

The sauce is punchy and sweet which leads me to believe it might have a little cheating in it (sugar), especially if it isn't ripe California tomatoes. Since I can't swear the delicious recipe out of Joe, the owner of Abeetza Pizza, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to a family recipe that goes hand in hand with the freshest and I mean freshest mozzarella cheese that I've encountered on a slice in a while.

You will totally enjoy Abeetza's incredible variety and fresh made food. It is already a local favorite of folks in Sea Cliff, Greenvale, Glen Cove and Roslyn and will become yours as well when you try it.

Next time yours truly will fire down Abeetza's fried calzone, "and let slip the dogs of war!"

Abeetza's Pizza in Greenvale, NY neopolitan ranks a 7 of 8 slices on the Mad Greek's pizza scale.

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