A Last Eat At Coal Mine Pizza in Boca Raton Before it Becomes Table 42

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A Last Eat At Coal Mine Pizza in Boca Raton Before it Becomes Table 42

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coalminepizza.jpgCoal Mine Pizza was eager to improve its standing on, and they certainly impressed me, perhaps more than anyone else at our table. You see Coal Mine Pizza will be closing down (it already technically has) and re-opening as Table 42 on December 10th.

Starting with their margherita pizza, I found it to be light and crisp, cooked evenly and topped with basil so fresh, I'd wondered if it had just been picked from the plant. The basil was aromatic and added a refreshing minty-lemongrass herbal flavor that wasn't as appreciated as much by my basil-blaspheming cohorts.

The "videl" pizza, topped with sausage and ricotta cheese was another variety I enjoyed. The sausage was so finely crumbled that it melted in my mouth with the ricotta and didn't upset the balance of the slice as so many normally-heavy toppings do.

The truffle pizza ($40 for a personal size!) was another nice surprise. Rich and buttery in both flavor and texture, I'd order it again if not for the price. It may be an item targeted to more upscale clientele in the area, but I think a very similar flavor can be accomplished if topped with less costly mushrooms.

Finally, I find myself as the lone voice of dissension in regards to the white pizza. Unlike my pie-munching pals, I wasn't crazy about this one. Heavy on garlic, it tasted less like a pizza and more like a flattened garlic roll. I'd love it as a crouton-style side to accompany a pasta/seafood dish, perhaps seared scallops or shrimp scampi. As a pizza, I doubt I could want more than a small slice or two.

Coal Mine Pizza did a wonderful job and I'd gladly return. 6/8 slices, with points included for cleanliness, freshness and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

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