Yard House Boca Raton, FL Pizza

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Yard House Boca Raton, FL Pizza

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When the National Cartoon Museum in Mizner Park closed down, most of Boca Raton didn't shed a tear. Personally I was sad to see it go, since it still brought people to the city, and it was a nice way to spend the day with your children. The building stayed vacant for a while, and there was talk of many other things opening in this location, but nothing ever seemed to pan out.

Recently a Yard House opened up in part of the building and the place has been buzzing ever since, with no immediate signs of slowing down. I had to go in and try the place when I realized they had pizza on the menu.

Although there are Yard House restaurants throughout the country, this is the first one in our immediate area. The closest locations before this opened were in Palm Beach Gardens and Hallandale Beach. The Yard House is nice and open inside, and they even have an outdoor seating area. We got seated in about 20 minutes and were quickly greeted by our waitress Heather. She was extremely informative about the menu choices, and even offered one of my friends a sample of any beer they have to see if he liked it before he ordered it. That was a nice touch.

Of course, I ordered the pizza and couldn't wait to try it. Based upon the food I saw served on the tables we passed, something told me I was in for a somewhat decent pizza experience. When the pizza arrived, I wasn't that impressed with the initial presentation. It looked kind of sloppy and had a lot of crust towards the edges. The cheese was falling off which led me to believe it wasn't cooked properly, but the outer edges seemed well done. Perhaps they didn't rotate the pizza in the oven. Oh well, it was time to taste it and see if I would like it.

My first bite revealed a sauce that was quite tangy. It had a strong aftertaste (almost vinegary) and was a bit chunky. In my personal opinion, I really did not care for the sauce at all. Although the thin crust was undercooked on the bottom, it was crispy on top and actually tasted good. The cheese was my favorite part of this pizza, and it seems they blended Mozzarella with some Parmesean which made for a delightful mixture and a great taste.

Although these Yard House restaurants aren't known for pizza, they had it on the menu and it needed to be reviewed. In my opinion I wouldn't get the pizza there again, unless they do something about their sauce recipe, but that will not stop me from going back. The rest of the food looked great, and my friends swore by the tacos they ate there. I think the Yard House has some staying power in this Boca Raton location, and I wish them a great amount of success in Boca Raton. Just not sure the pizza is needed on the menu.

Yard House in Boca Raton gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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