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Wowie’s Sports Grill Pizza Boca Raton

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If you need a refresher, it was September 10, 2009. Check out my first review.  If you scroll down, you’ll read the comment where someone said my review was “untrue.” Oh really? The fact that I would rather stab a fork in my tongue than eat an over-priced, over-cooked piece of cardboard makes me believe that the commenter has either foregone eating the pizza at Wowie’s, or is so used to its grossness that they don’t know any better.
So when the pizza expert told me last month the new owners had invited us back to test out their new version, I was excited, but skeptical. Sofia Macchiavello and her family took over the establishment this past November and have a new menu rolling out later this month. On it is still the same $12.95 12-inch pizza. However, she says that the ingredients and the preparation will be different.
When the pizza arrived, it wasn’t burnt, which was already a step in the right direction. The first few bites were surprisingly better than my first tasting, but the slice fell apart when I picked it up. The crust is entirely too thick. It was twice as thick as the rest of the slice. For a really small pie, it was more crust, less actual pizza. If I wanted some bread, I would have ordered bread.
The cheese was definitely upgraded. My last visit, I said it tasted old. This time around, I could taste its freshness. The sauce was the same: standard, but relatively good.
Sadly, the pizza doesn’t last longer than two minutes. Another reviewer and I were given the last slices and they were inedible. I have to say, it was an enormous improvement from my last experience, but any time I leave a place after a meal to go to another pizza place to eat (we went to Tucci’s pizza), it means I’m not going back there.
I’m sure Wowie’s has other food that’s really good, but they need to try and perfect their pizza.
I give it a 4 out of 8.

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