World Pie Pizza Bridgehampton New York

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World Pie Pizza Bridgehampton New York

Posted By: Big G
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World PizzaWorld Pizza SliceThis is a review that has 2 sides of the story.  When driving through the lovely Bridgehampton in Long Island, you can not help but notice a lovely storefront with a majestic gold leaf sign that says "World Pie".  I love the name the building and the sign.  I have wanted to go to this place for months and finally I talked my wife into going with me.

The wonderful young girl who greeted us was a pleasant and speedy worker that should give classes to others who want to be exceptional in food services.  They brought us a basket of mixed breads.  Apple, blueberry, cinnamon desert like treats,  I liked the moist Apple bread best of all.  We ordered a Regular pizza that I asked for light basil.  (See picture)  The Pizza cook had a stack of half cooked doughs stacked 2 feet high.  I thought that should give it a nice crispy crust with a double bake.  The pizza came shortly after the Mrs. ate her salad that she loved, and the moment of truth came when I tasted my first bite.  I felt like Ralphy in Christmas story when he did not get the red rider BB gun, and instead got a pink pajama outfit that made him look like a ridiculous rabbit.

This is what I waited months to try?  This bland, dead, lifeless pizza that took time and effort to make from scratch.  If I were a hospital owner I would contract this place to make food for the elderly patients.  The dough even double cooked was soggy thin and tasteless.  The sauce was like a supermarket bought tomato sauce from a can, and the cheese was more for looks then taste.

Here is the second part I earlier told you about.  My wife loved it.  Thanks to her bad taste she did pick me, so at least we know she is consistent.  I told her I would mention that she would have given this disgraceful pizza a 6 out of 8 slices but as I informed her, she does not write for WorstPizza.  I love her, but I hate her opinion on this pizza place with the great name and look, yet manged to drop the ball on the actual Pizza.  I will go there again but I will get something else.  I will also eat some more of that apple bread.

4 of 8 slices and I think I gave one slice just for the name.

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