Who Says New York Pizza Is Better? Colosseo Pizza in Port Jefferson Isn’t

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Who Says New York Pizza Is Better? Colosseo Pizza in Port Jefferson Isn’t

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Each year Aol puts out a cities best guide, to let the locals know which place is the best in different categories.  One of our readers here at worstpizza sent me this list of their picks for best pizza in Long Island, New York, since I was visiting my famiy last week there.

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I ordered 1 regular and 1 Sicilian and Greg ordered a regular and a grandma slice.  The Sicilian was better then the regular, but neither was better then a place like Nino's Pizza in Boca Raton.  It would be naturally assumed that pizza in New York would be held to a higher standard and that the patrons eating at these establishments would demand high quality food.  For all those who vote for this place, I suggest leaving your little town of Port Jefferson and experiencing what else the world or just other towns in Long Island have to offer.

The main problem with this slice is the sauce.  The cheese tasted good and the crust was flimsy, but still ok.  Colosseo, you need to change your sauce to something less acidic.  Try sweetening it up a bit and allow the pizza to cook longer to get crispy.  You might want to consider leaving your sauce simmering in the oven throughout the day and then placing the sauce on the pizza you are about to make already hot.

It will be terribly difficult for me to give any validity to the AOL cityguide for future reference.  Since in New York city and the boroughs they seemed pretty spot on I thought I could trust them for Long Island.  Needless to say, their number one pick I agree with, is great (watch for review of Umberto's Of New Hyde Park) but the rest of the ones I have tried, including Emilio's, Massas, fail to meet the standards I look for. I am giving Colosseo Pizza in Port Jefferson New York 4 out of 8 Slices.  Try Albert's Pizza in Ronkonkoma instead!  My suggestion to CityGuide:  Use Me Next Year to Help!

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