Waterstone Pizzeria – Waterstone Pizza Lynchburg

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Waterstone Pizzeria – Waterstone Pizza Lynchburg

Posted By: Willie
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Taking advantage of my trip home, I sampled another pizzeria today - Waterstone Pizzeria in Lynchburg, Virginia. The location and ambiance of this restaurant are great. Located on the bottom floor of an old warehouse on the banks of the James river, the interior is a mix of the old and the new - worn down brick and stone walls surrounding modern booths, and more importantly a new pizza oven. I should also mention it features local beer from the microbrew above it, a very unique and cool pizzeria.

Of course, I could go on about the atmosphere, but we all know why you're reading this, the pizza. Nothing matters if the pizza tastes like cardboard monkey balls, something I hope you will never have the misfortune to try. I went with the classic Margherita today, total Lapp style.

The pizza arrived and as soon as I picked it up, I knew there was at least one problem - the crust was undercooked. I had to lift the pizza a good six inches above my mouth to get to the drooping end of it. Luckily, the cheese made up for this. It was incredibly flavorful with a slightly nutty taste. I'm not sure if they buy locally or if they just got a good batch, but it gets two thumbs up. The sauce wasn't too bad either. Personally, I thought it was too sweet and lacked acidity, but I know some people love the sweet sauce. If you do, then you'd be a bigger fan than I was.

Again, the biggest problem was the crust. I'm not sure if maybe the creaminess of the cheese or perhaps the sauce made the crust soggy, but it got noticeably worse as I ate. The last piece stayed on the plate. This was just one problem though and the rest of the experience was quite pleasant. The overall flavor was a winner. I would recommend trying Waterstone, just make sure you ask them to make your pizza extra crispy.

I give Waterstone Pizzeria 5 out of 8 slices.

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