Vincenzo’s Pizza Sag Harbor Long Island

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Vincenzo’s Pizza Sag Harbor Long Island

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vincenzo'spizza.jpgVincenzo's Pizza is located in the quaint town of Sag Harbor, NY.  It is a tiny place, that appears to have some interesting pizzas behind the counter.

Some even had sesame crust, which reminds me of a place I used to love in Huntington.  I found it kind of weird that after giving me my slice, the guy just disappeared.  I wanted the slice cut in half but I guess he was too busy to stand around and wait for me, considering I was the only person in there at the present time. I got a regular slice and walked out with it on the plate, so I could enjoy the lovely day while eating the pizza.

My first bite into this slice was promising.  The sauce was much better then the previous place I had just eaten at in Sag Harbor called Conca d Oro, but it had a terrible tasting flour on the bottom.  It was one of those slices where you looked at your fingers after holding the slice to your mouth and thought you just dipped your hand in wet sand.  The cheese also wasn't anything exceptional here, and it was quite evident they were not buying the finest that they could.

Considering Sag Harbor is a touristy place, and that many will not complain about the pizza they are being served, Vincenzo's will probably survive here.  Not like there are tons of other options.  But when the tourists leave and winter begins, I sure hope they saved some of that money they made in season to hibernate with over the winter.

Vincenzo's in Sag Harbor gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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