Vincent’s Clam Bar Pizza Carle Place

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Vincent’s Clam Bar Pizza Carle Place

Posted By: Jake
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Although I have eaten at Vincent's dozens of times, I never had the pizza there before.

By the way, my name is Jake, and I am the nephew to the Pizza Expert, and as he told me, I am the youngest person to ever review here.  I am only 10 years old, but i know pizza.  My uncle takes me to eat it all the time with him when he visits me.

So here is my review of Vincent's Clam Bar, which is one of my Uncle's favorite places to eat pasta.  The pizza had small tomato pieces in the sauce which I didn't really like.  The cheese was delicious (thanks for helping me spell that mom), it was crunchy on the bottom and soft inside.  The pizza was very cheesey, but since they use good cheese, it tasted just fine.

I think they had a bit too much seasoning on this pizza.  My favorite part was how crunchy this thin style sicilian pie was.

Vincent's gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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  • 179 Old Country Rd., Carle place, NY