Villa Rosano Italian Restaurant Boca Raton Pizza

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Villa Rosano Italian Restaurant Boca Raton Pizza

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Back when the original owners were married, Cucina Rosano on the Boca/Delray border was one of my favorite places to eat. The food was very high priced, but it was quality and seldom disappointed. After the divorce the owner kept Villa Rosano out in North Western Boca Raton, and his ex wife kept Cucina Rosano, which she renamed Cucina Mio. Cucina Mio didn't last long (my entire family actually got sick after eating there one night) but Villa Rosano is still opened. We decided to take a try of the pizza and pasta there the other day to see if it compared.

Villa Rosano in Boca Raton wasn't too busy on the night we went in. We were placed in the back of the restaurant in what could be one of the most uncomfortable seating arrangements in Boca Raton. The tables were literally on top of each other as you can see in the photo below. We could barely get into our seats without hitting the table behind us, and could barely sit with all the chairs smooshed into the small area. What the heck were they thinking there?


The server who came over to greet us was anything but lovely. She seemed irritated and annoyed from the moment we sat down. Since we were already irritated by the seating arrangements, it wasn't a great combination. Once again look how many chairs they stuff at a table, and look how close the chairs are to the rows behind them. My son is in the chair to the left (you can see his arm) and is extremely thin and is already bumping into the chairs from the other table which were pushed all the way in already. This seems to cause many the arguments around the old timers who seem to frequent Villa Rosano.

We got a couple of pasta dishes to share, and a pizza to try out. The food couldn't come out fast enough in my eyes, I just wanted out of this place. I wonder why they hired this angry, raggedy  looking grown up waitress to begin with. This place should be higher class, and command a higher quality staff.

I know it is taking me a while to get to describe why you guys are all reading this, but as you can see, my experience as of now would give them a 0 out of 8 slices, and I would have just walked out. But my family was starving and that wasn't an option. My son insisted we ordered a pizza with meatballs, and I agreed. As many of my regular readers know, I seldom order pizza with toppings, but for my boy, I will make an exception.


The pizza came out and was very soggy. You can see in the photo above that the cheese was running and the crust looked bready. Before I bash the pie completely, it should be noted that there was a good amount of meatballs on the pizza, and at a price of $13.50 for a small, it very well should.The meatballs tasted fine, but for this price, I could get a large pie at a place like Nino's Pizza and have it taste better. Just look at the prices above for what a meal for 3 people cost. It is astronomical in my eyes. For this price I should have a nice waitress, and a nice comfortable eating environment.

The cheese on the pizza tasted of good quality,  the sauce didn't lead me to complain, but the crust was soggy and lacking taste. In my opinion I wouldn't get the pizza here again. Although I know it is just a mild change of the way it's baked, and all the other components are there for a good pie, at the current price, and the crappy service, coupled with the terrible seating arrangements, I personally would not go back. It is a shame, cause like I said, they have all the components to actually serve a decent pie here. This could be a 6 out of 8 if cooked better.

Villa Rosano in Boca Raton gets 4 out of 8 slices. Even with a 4, I am personally not going back.

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