Villa Pizza Boca Raton Town Center Mall

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Villa Pizza Boca Raton Town Center Mall

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After the recent horror I had at the Sbarro location in the Sawgrass Mills Mall, I became almost frightened to have mall pizza again.  This changed this past weekend!  My wifes family and I went to the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida, got hungry and went to the food court.  I have eaten at the Pizza place in the food court called Villa Pizza several times, but never really paid attention to whether it was good or not since I was usually in a rush and it was before I started reviewing places for you guys here.  As you know I usually only try the regular pizza so all reviews are equal, so although the photos above are of the meat lovers and vegetable pizza (which my father in law and brother in law had) but I accidentally deleted my photo while uploading.....sorry

Villa Pizza happens to be one of the best slices I have had in an "institutional" setting like a mall.  This place BLOWS Sbarro away, and it amazes me that Sbarro has become so large and a place like this hasn't.  The cheese was quality the sauce was tasty and the crust was as good as it could be for a fast food type of setting.  Make sure to try their garlic rolls as well if you are there.  I would not recommend trying their equivalence of Sicilian style pizza though, this left a lot to be desired and was pretty expensive.  Stick with a regular slice here and skip the other places in the food court.  I will give Villa Pizza in Boca Raton 4 out of 8 slices.

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