Vic & Angelo’s Pizza Palm Beach Gardens on PGA

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Vic & Angelo’s Pizza Palm Beach Gardens on PGA

Posted By: Mad Greek
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I've been building this one up to a crescendo. Although I was only in Florida for about a few months, I tried to find a local pizza place near me that I could make my homebase. For several weeks now, I've frequented the establishment known as Vic & Angelo's Enoteca (Greek for "wine repository") in Palm Beach Gardens. The last three weekends I have tried the classic oddities off their otherwise extraordinary menu starting with their tuscan chicken wings (yes, chicken wings), followed by their grass fed double patty hamburger (did I mention this was a fine upscale Italian restaurant?), to their Mott Street artesian pizza (for my bon voyage from not-so-sunny West Palm Beach).

The Mott Street pizza at Vic & Angelo's in Palm Beach Gardens is nothing short of fantastic. Made with the finest ingredients, Vic & Angelo's uses a coal fired oven to make their masterpiece pies (all in all about 6 different types). The pizza comes out in minutes, and seems to stay consistently hot throughout the serving process. The garlic bread before the meal was great, and the service is always top notch.

I would simply say this pie would have found the perfect 8 if not for the fatal flaw of their generosity. Because the pie is an oblong artesian classic and it is made as a thin crust pie, the ends of the rectangular slices will not stand flat and crisp at attention. Not to worry, cut a quick 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch off the end and fork it down.

The rest is history. Stone ground flour; well done bottom and ends; fresh mozzarella; fresh pepperoni; fresh delicious tomato sauce. Vic & Angelo's in Palm Beach Gardens was cooked to a 7 slice ranking of perfection out of 8 and the best artesian pizza I have eaten in my short stay in Florida.


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