Urban Crust Pizza Plano, TX

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Urban Crust Pizza Plano, TX

Posted By: Travis
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For a full work week, I found myself in Plano, TX. A suburban little area located outside of Dallas. I ate at a place called Urban Crust Pizza for lunch four of the five days I was in Plano, TX actually.

Urban Crust has a decent lunch special which was a personal size pizza (9-10 inches) and a soup of the day or caesar salad for less than $10! With the lunch special you choose one topping, I believe you could ask for more for a price but I never did. The toppings I had were: pepperoni, sausage, prosciutto and jalapeño. I asked the server if the meat was store bought or from the area and the reply was it is from the local butcher shop.


Urban Crust also made their own mozzarella. It was a great tasting mozzarella, not the best I have ever had but for the area it's definitely the best I have tried. The pizza makers made the pizza just right. Hand tossed dough made fresh daily just to the point of a crispy outside but still a little chew on the inside with no taste of ash on the bottom. The crust was perfect as far as I can tell, and I forget to ask but it seemed like there was a butter glaze on the edge of the pizza before it was placed in the brick oven. Mozzarella was laid on the crust first, then the tomato sauce lightly in four sections and finally the topping of your choice.


There are three levels to this narrow joint. The first two are regular sit down areas for families and groups more than 4. The first floor is also where the brick oven and pizzas are made. It's in the perfect spot just as you walk in and look around, the brick oven is the center piece of the back area and the smell of freshly made pizza lingers so lightly in the air.


On the third floor there is a bar and patio. The bar is know as 32 degrees because down the length of the bar half of it is covered with ice. There are also tall tables against the wall there and family sitting on the patio, which is covers and has large glass windows so people can sit up there on any day at any time.

I would give Urban Crust Pizza in Plano, TX a 7 of 8 slices. It's by far the best pizza in the city of Plano, TX that I have eaten.

Hours: Monday - Sunday 11am - 2am

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  • 1006 E 15th St., Plano, TX