Una Pizza Napoletana New York City NYC

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Una Pizza Napoletana New York City NYC

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on 349 East 12th Street (212) 477 9950. And considering all the positive reviews this place gets, it seemed natural we would enjoy it....all I can say is in my opinion it sucked.

They had only four kinds of pizza that were basically all the same. The choices are Mariana, Margherita, Blanca, and Filetti pizzas. No toppings are even available, and they would not allow us to order them without basil. They put about 15 basil leaves on the pizza and even when I took them off you could taste an overpowering basil taste. Rak mentioned to the waitress I was from worstpizza, which I didn't really want him to do, and she told the chef, but he didn't do anything to accommodate. I asked her not to mention anything but since she was pointing at us as I was walking out, I could tell she obviously wasn't a waitress of her word.

The house wine was good, but the 3 different pizzas we ordered all basically tasted the basil. So I say don't believe the hype that you read around the web about Una Pizza Napoletana and go to Totonnos a few blocks away where you can truly get great pizza and decide how you want it.

The place only takes cash, no credit cards, and that sucks too. People were standing in line outside in the cold and the staff was extremely unfriendly when you arrived inside. Trust me people, there are much better places to justify standing outside for. I will give Una Pizza Napoletana 4 out of 8 slices.

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