Trattoria Lombardi’s Pizza Ocean City, MD

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Trattoria Lombardi’s Pizza Ocean City, MD

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For over 34 years, “Trattoria Lombardi’s” has been spinning out some of the best old school pizzas in the Mid-Atlantic.  This family run restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland may have decorations and recipes out of the late 1970s but the place smells great and more importantly tastes great!

As you walk in from a day at the beach, you can’t help but catch the amazing aroma that fills the air at Lombardi’s.   At first glance, you almost feel like you’ve  entered the bar on “Cheers” and yet Norm is nowhere to be found.  Coincidentally, I’m fairly certain that if I ever lived in Ocean City, I’d be there until everybody knew my name. This place is definitely a favorite of the locals!

For those who regularly take beach trips to Ocean City, this place is right up there with Thrasher’s Fries as one of those places you have to go to each trip.  I still remember a friend in the 80s asking the waitress if he could tell her a joke.  “What has 2 thumbs and loves pizza?................This guy!”  What set’s Lombardi’s apart from Dough Roller, Piezanos and the other more touristy pizzerias, however, isn’t just the memory, but the higher quality pizzas!  The prices are a little touristy here but never the quality of their pizzas.

With homemade dough, a unique fresh sauce, and just the right amount of mozzarella, I’ve found that less is more.  Only their tasty white mushrooms are worth adding to these pies as most other toppings take a little away from their beloved sauce/cheese combination.  Don’t even bother with the rest of the menu since it’s very average.  I also recommend upgrading to a large pizza since it’s only a dollar more than the mediums but much larger.  In summer, they offer special basil pizzas and heavily promote their white pizzas, but I suggest sticking to their delicious tomato sauce based pies.

In my humble opinion, this has been the best pizza in Ocean City since the 70s, although with popular Delaware pizzeria, Grotto’s coming soon, they will soon have some competition.  Nonetheless, I’m confident that Lombardi’s will be the local’s favorite for generations to come.

I give Lombardi’s pizza 6 out of 8 old school slices.

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  • 9203 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD 21842