Trader Joe’s Frozen Wild Mushroom & Truffle Flatbread Pizza

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Trader Joe’s Frozen Wild Mushroom & Truffle Flatbread Pizza

Posted By: BurgerDogBoy
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The back of the box says “while similar to a simple pizza, this fabulous, fascinating flatbread defines a category of its very own.” Agreed.

While living in Europe, even the worst pizzeria often put out a product superior to a lot of US pizzas; on those nights when I didn’t feel like going on, European frozen pizzas, especially those from Italy and France, more than satisfied my peculiarly picky palate. I often thought, “why can’t we get frozen pizza like this at home?” Now we can. As I have previously reviewed two of Trader Joe’s frozen offerings, the mushroom ‘tarte’, and the Pizza Olympiad, when I saw this “Wild Mushroom and Black Truffle Flatbread” yesterday, I knew it was destined for my oven last night.

(Note, Trader Joe’s is a smallish nationwide specialty grocer, to find locations click here).

Further description on the package goes on to say “a hand-stretched crust is carefully covered with truffle sauce, then topped with whole milk mozzarella, truffles, and mushrooms. The golden colors are appealing, the flavor is outstanding!”

And again, we agree. Bake at 425 for 6-8 minutes, and this 9 oz pie becomes a hearty entree or an appetizer for several people. The flatbread is crispy, and the flavors of the mushrooms, truffle sauce, and cheese come through brilliantly!

I’m fortunate to live in a city where there are several Trader Joe’s – first encountered in Los Angeles, and at least once a week I am in there to pick up their flavored sparkling waters and juices for Mrs. Burgerdogboy, as she has a penchant for them, and it gives me an excuse to peruse the “what’s new” products in their aisles. I only picked up this one item for myself yesterday, but noted there were several more pies that I haven’t tried. Looks like another trip is in order!

As I said in one of my previous posts, on the scale of 0-8 slices, 8 being best, I rarely give a “7″, but I did for Traders Joe’s frozen, and that surprised even me. I put this one in the same category!

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