Tony’s Pizza Delray Beach

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Tony’s Pizza Delray Beach

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Somehow I turned into the guy who gets the oil changed in his wife's car for her. While waiting I walked across the street to Tony's Pizza in Delray Beach to see what it was all about. Tony's is tucked away along the northern side of this run down shopping center at the tail end of Delray Beach on Federal Highway. As a matter of fact, since they only have a sign that says Pizza, I didn't even know it was called Tony's Pizza until I walked in the doors.

Tony's Pizza didn't seem to love air conditioning since on this extremely hot day, they had the door open, adding to the heat the ovens were giving off.

The owners of Tony's Pizza in Delray Beach seemed like nice enough guys and if I had to guess I would say they were from Albania or Kosovo. Tony's Pizza is certainly has nothing fancy about the interior. They have a conveyor belt oven with a wide open kitchen which I liked. Tony's Pizza has been opened three years, and I never noticed it before even though I drive by there often. Nobody sent me emails to say this place was good or bad.

I ordered a regular slice, and watched as the pizza guy placed it in this not to be used for pizza conveyor oven. When the slice came out, it was sizzling hot. I let it cool down a bit and took my first bite. The first bite revealed great tasting cheese. The slice also light sauce which is good because it didn't taste that great. Crust was good. I expected a lot less out of this place. The pizza was not covered and left out, which I do not like. For $4.49 you get two slices of pizza and a soda. But since a slice is regularly $1.75 and a can of soda $1.00, I am not sure the penny you save is really a special.

Pay when you are done, with no pressure, added to the friendliness of this place. I am almost embarrassed to say this since they have such a crappy oven, but I would actually go back to Tony's Pizza since the slice was crisp, held up nicely, and it just felt like a pizza place from back home (minus the Southern European owners).

Hopefully Tony's Pizza will be in this location for years to come. Based upon the dozens of pies that left the joint while I was eating there, to go to the car dealerships across the street, I would say they have a decent chance of survival.

Tony's Pizza in Delray Beach gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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