Tony’s Authentic Pizza Bedford Texas

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Tony’s Authentic Pizza Bedford Texas

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Here is a shocker, even pizza places in Bedford, TX now serve Authentic New York Style Pizza, Pasta & Subs. This is exactly what Tony's Authentic Pizza says on their menu. I didn't even know New York had Authentic Pasta or Authentic Subs. Who would have thought that I could learn this, by coming to a small town like Bedford, just outside Dallas, TX.

So as many of the regular readers of worstpizza know, I have been traveling quite a bit to Dallas over the previous months, and probably will continue to do so for the next few months as well.  While in town, I try to stop at any pizza place I can, in hopes of finding a better then average slice in the area. Since the office I go to work out of is in Bedford, I decided to hop on 121 and get off at the next exit, which was Harwood Road. On Harwood I noticed there might be a pizza place in the shopping center by Mc Donald's so I pulled in to check it out.

Tony's Pizza was a pretty low key restaurant with some terrible flooring.  I mean just look at that photo of the floors and tell me if the owner has thought to change them in the last 20 years. I am surprised the staff wasn't wearing capezios and watching Charlie's Angels on the TV. Tony's was quite busy on this day, considering I went after lunch time. They apparently have some good lunch time specials that the locals gather here for.

Since it was my first time here and I didn't realize the lay of the land, I went up to the counter to order a slice. Well to be honest, I almost left after walking up to the counter and realizing this wasn't the cleanest place I had seen. But as I was turning away, the incredibly skinny guy behind the counter asked me if he could help me. I ordered 1 slice and figured if it didn't look appetizing I would just toss it and find another place around town. When he asked me to stay or go, I said to stay.  This is when he explained that I should sit down and wait for a server. This naturally caused me to hate the place before I even tried a slice.

I made the trek over to the table while admiring the modern floors, and began my wait for the server to come and help me. A couple of minutes later a rather pleasant lady asked me what I wanted with an amazingly sweet accent. I told her I wanted a slice, and even she seemed shocked that I was asked to sit down for just one slice. So she walked to the counter, the same counter I walked to and asked the same ultra skinny guy for 1 slice. Sometimes it makes me realize how stupid society is, when people make me get service for slices of pizza.

My slice came out and sat on the counter for a bit, since it would be a sin for me to actually have taken it from the counter myself. Thankfully when the sweet waitress brought it to the table, it was still hot. As I am sure you can tell, this place had tons of things already stacked up against them. That was until I actually bit into my slice. The pizza was really good! The closest in quality to compare it to locally is Joe's Pizza in Southlake, Texas.

The crust was insanely crisp and thin (just like the guy behind the counter), the sauce was applied lightly and tasted perfectly under the fresh mozz cheese they use here. It wasn't grande cheese, but I could tell they were using some pretty decent stuff. This slice was able to compete with many of the places I have had in Long Island that I considered to be good. I ended up going back to Tony's the next 3 days in a row.

If you are in the area and looking for a good slice, I recommend Tony's on Harwood.

Tony's Pizza gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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