Tomasso’s Boca Raton Separating Themselves From The Pizza Pack!

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Tomasso’s Boca Raton Separating Themselves From The Pizza Pack!

Posted By: Billy
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pizza places in the Boca Raton Area but, I believe they were owned by different members of the Tomasso family.

This Tomasso has moved on up. Tomasso's pizza is a quaint counter top service style pizza place. It is a friendly atmosphere where most customers and employees engage in conversation about the daily news events playing on the TV inside the store. This Tomasso's in Boca Raton has 6 or 7 counter top eating spots, about 4 or 5 inside tables, as well as 4 or 5 more outside tables.  I ordered 1 slice with meatball, well done (I love my pizza crispy) and if you have read my previous post about the slicing of meatballs for toppings, Tomasso's does it exactly right, nice thin round slices. 1 slice of Tomasso's pizza equates to 2 normal size slices at most of your local pizza places,  so be careful not to over order but, then again you could always box up the extras and bring them home for a great reheat.  As I was enjoying this great slice of pizza I noticed a difference in the crispiness of the slice. I spoke to the owner ( I apologize for not knowing her name) and asked her what the difference was, she told me they have been toying with the dough and have used different amounts of corn meal baking it into the dough. This was the ultimate improvement. I have always found Tomasso's pizza to be great but this has helped to seperate them from the pizza pack. I have read previous posts about Tomasso's pizza being floppy or soggy during delivery and I have to say in Tomasso's defense that any hot, steamy pizza pie will become soggy if it is placed in a closed cardboard box. Pizza slices are always better at the restaurant, by the time you get them home the steam has taken its toll on the crispiness of the crust. For a very affordable $5 and change for 1 over sized slice with a topping and a drink, it seems like more than a bargain for me with the way this economy is. I rate Tomasso's a strong 7 out of 8 slices This is one Excellent Boca Raton Pizza place.

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