Times Square Pizza Boca Raton – Floppy Pizza

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Times Square Pizza Boca Raton – Floppy Pizza

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Reviewed by Matt

Times Square Pizza has recently reopened in Boca Raton, FL (561) 393-6757.  It seems like it was closed forever during the renovation.  Now that it's open again  it looks... the same.

As far as I can tell, I don't see a difference between how it used to look and now.  The restaurant
is not open yet, but the pizzeria is open so here is an early review.

Whileyou can order at the counter (a real plus for us here at the building), the tables are really small.  You can't even call it a table. It's more like a shelf, forcing the eater to stare at a blank wall. The
pizza is OK.  My best description for it is floppy.  The cheese flops over the side, and floppy is just the feel of the slice.  It was also a little heavy for my taste.  I like a lighter slice.

Overall, its good for a neighborhood place.  Nothing fancy.  I give it 4 slices out of 8.  The pizza was better than OK for south Florida, and I would go back after they officially reopen to review it again.

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