The Story Behind Pizza Grandiosa the Best Frozen Pizza in Norway

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The Story Behind Pizza Grandiosa the Best Frozen Pizza in Norway

Posted By: Elsa Blix
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Pizza Grandiosa was created in 1980 and little did people know back then that it would be the most popular pizza in all of Norway. Since then 400 million Grandiosa pizzas have been sold and it has become the favorite pizza among people. The pizza is bought frozen in boxes, meant for people to bring home and heat up.

Norwegians eat approximately 24 million Grandiosa pizzas a year, and approximately 48 million frozen pizzas a year, meaning that more than one Grandiosa pizza is eaten every second. Keep in mind there are less than 5 million people living in Norway.

If you put the amount of pizzas bought a year in a long row it would go on for 12,600 km. This is the same as the length from Oslo to Rome times six.

If you stack the amount of Grandiosa boxes bought a day on top of each other it would be 15 times the height as the Plaza Hotel in Oslo, which is 117meters high.

The factory that makes Grandiosa sends out nine trucks loaded with Grandiosa every day.

In 2009 the manufacturer consumed in their production 4.400 ton of cheese. This represent 44 million liter (11.6 mill gallons) of milk from 6400 cows.

The point is, Norwegians buy a lot of Grandiosa every day. There is probably not a single person in Norway who is not aware of the delicious, easy to make, pizza. It is so popular that it is actually

estimated that 165 000 Norwegians eat Grandiosa pizza on Christmas Eve.

There have even been songs made to advertise the pizza in Norway. In 2006, a song was made called “Respect for Grandiosa” to advertise for the new type of Grandiosa that came out. It ended up staying at the billboard as the top most played song for a whole eight weeks. When another song was made later “Full pakke”, it also reached the top. «Full Pakke» also came with a dance which spread like wildfire all over Norway in parties, night clubs and disco’s (see the video).

«Respekt for Grandiosa»: boiAnRM it is in Norwegian but still kind of funny and catchy.

«Full Pakke»:

Grandiosa is a simple, frozen pizza, bought in the supermarket, made to be easy for people to heat up and eat, but it has come to be one of the most loved foods in Norway. There are various types of Grandiosa pizza, but the one most people prefer is the plain pizza with just cheese, tomato sauce, and peppers.

Though it might look like an ordinary pizza, the taste is heavenly.

Pizza Grandiosa gets 6 out of 8 slices

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