The Sicilian Oven Pizza Second Try

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The Sicilian Oven Pizza Second Try

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sicilian_oven.jpgsicilianoven.jpgMy family and I were meeting some old friends from college the other day, and decided to go to The Sicilian Oven in Lighthouse Point on 2486 N Federal Hwy 954.785.4155.  My previous experiences at The Sicilian Oven have been outrageous, so it seemed like the natural choice.  Based upon my friends reactions, after they took their first bites, I knew I made the right decision.

I have enjoyed The Sicilian Oven so much in the past that I had a PizzaTweetup there even! But on this occasion, something miraculous happened.  The ancient winds blew east instead of west, and the moon aligned, because I was served some pretty amazing pizza like I hadn't tasted  before.

This pizza came out of their wood burning oven, which produces an awesome aroma of oak, that permeates the restaurant.  My eyes closed as I bit into the first slice.  The fruity smell of the olive oil, placed on top of the fresh mozzarella cheese, which was perfectly laid on top of this sweet tasting fresh sauce, which found itself cooked into a dough that reminded me of some of the best pizza places I have eaten at in the world.  With each bite, I could taste the amazing quality ingredients they use.

As you watch the pizza makers behind the counter toss your pie, you can easily notice the care they put into each pizza.  This isn't some type of pie pushing establishment.  The owner Andrew actually works behind the counter ensuring that his customers get the quality pizza they deserve.  There is something to be said about a place that has the pizza made by the owner.  You can stand by the counter and watch as he takes his time, and builds the pies with pride.  No cutting corners on his watch.  If you have kids they can even pick out their own oak wood from the rack and watch it as the pizza makers place it in the oven to burn and cook their pizza.

If you are looking for a chic dining atmosphere, phenomenal tasting wood cooked pizza in South Florida, then you really need to get yourself over to The Sicilian Oven.  Tell the manager John, or the owners Ralph or Andrew that we sent you.  I am pretty confident after biting into this crispy thin cooked pizza, you will agree, that whatever olive oil they are using, is the perfect mix with their pizza.

The Sicilian Oven gets 7 out of 8 delicious slices.

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  • 2486 N Federal Hwy, Lighthouse Point, Fl 33064